Do you need to activate CSI Assist in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights brings with it many mechanics inspired by the Arkham series. One of the most notable similarities is the investigative side of crime fighting, as players will be tasked with deciphering clues at crime scenes throughout the game’s story. Solving these crimes can be challenging for new players and tedious for those who want to speed up side quests, but luckily there are ways to make solving crime scenes simple and easy.

Should you use CSI Assist in Gotham Knights

In the settings, under the UI tab, players can find an option at the bottom of the list (shown above) called USE CSI ASSIST. Players can enable this setting in order to simplify the crime scene parts of the game. For players who like a challenge, it’s best to skip it, but it can be a big help for players who don’t want to waste time in these goals.


To solve a crime scene, players will normally be tasked with identifying five clues in a given area and then presented with a short query deciding which clue answers that query. It’s important to remember that these objectives are usually side missions and can often be skipped, so whether this setting is on or off will only really affect players investing in these quests.

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