Does Super People support controllers?

If you are a fan of Battle Royale shooting games, we have good news: a new strong player is about to officially enter the arena. Super People – a PC shooter – entered the final stage of beta development on August 17, 2022. The game is designed specifically for PC systems, which has fans of the genre wondering if there will be a Native controller support available in game.

Super People Controllers

Like many other battle royales, Super People is set up to run on a PC using a keyboard and mouse. The game does not currently announce an option for users to play using a handheld controller, and developers Wonder People have not announced any plans to incorporate handheld controller options into the game.

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As Super People is still in beta, it’s entirely possible that controller systems will be added to the game at a later date before release. Since the game’s release date is yet to be determined, it’s possible that controller functionality will be natively integrated into the game before its premiere.

Even though the game never offers controller functionality, there are always workarounds if you prefer to play with a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse. PUBG Mobile is a perfect example of a game that doesn’t offer controller support per se, but can still be played through a controller. Downloading an emulator like Bluestacks will allow you to play the game through your controller instead of your keyboard.

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