Escape Room For Families, Friends And Colleagues

Are you always looking for new and exciting leisure activities? Would you like to do something with friends or are you planning a team building program that is fun for everyone? Then you are exactly right with us. Our escape room games are waiting for you with exciting escape game missions that can only be mastered in a team. More than 185,000 teams have already proven their skills at Exit the Room, including school classes, work colleagues, friends and families. Come and search for an antiserum that will save humanity or prevent a new world war. But that’s not all! We guarantee you a great experience!


If you like using your brain and like active relaxation, escape rooms are for you. Exciting challenge and enchanting group game. The escape games will test your logic and combinatorial skills. You have to find clues and connections in order to successfully solve the problems that arise. To be successful in the Escape Room, you need a team whose members complement each other and enjoy a challenge. During the game you will discover abilities in yourself, the existence of which you have long forgotten in everyday life.


Everything is wrong during an escape room. You get a whole series of such puzzles where you have to use your brain in a slightly different way than in everyday life. Everything is connected to everything, your task is to read between the lines, to decipher the clues in the escape room. The game is a team effort where not only your hidden abilities but also the dormant talents of your friends come to the fore.


Our goal was not just to create escape rooms, but to create stories in which we would like to play a certain role ourselves. We ourselves are game fanatics, supporters of escape rooms. We have created such games, in which we have incorporated our best knowledge and most valuable experience. Exciting puzzles and fascinating effects guarantee entertainment and that you can become part of the story body and soul.


Each of the escape rooms is about an exciting story, the protagonist of which is you. Surprising twists, light and sound effects guarantee that you will simply be carried away by the Escape Room atmosphere. Experience a special kind of thrill during an escape game and solve the exciting puzzles together with your team at