Farming for Dwarf Fortress Beginners

If you’re returning to Dwarf Fortress after a long sabbatical or are curious about the long-running game now that it’s been given a facelift, farming is a gameplay element that can be a bit confusing to unfamiliar players. . Below, we detail the easiest ways to farm in the Dwarf Fortress so you can start supplying your fortress with everything it needs right from the start.

The easiest way to farm in the Dwarven Fortress

How to grow

To start farming, you will need an agricultural plot. Dwarves don’t need a ton of food or drink to survive, so we recommend starting with a 6×6 set. All the inhabitants of the fortress with the agricultural labor assigned to them will work to clear the plot and prepare the planting. Make sure there is at least one dwarf assigned this task.

You will need to assign crops to each season. The crops available for planting change depending on whether the farm plot is above or below ground, so plan accordingly. If this is your first time playing, we recommend staying away from garden plants for a while until you fully understand how to handle gardening in the game – some garden plants have seasonal requirements for succeed in pushing.


Once the crops are fully developed, it will be time to harvest. All dwarves can help harvest the fields. Once the plant is harvested, your dwarves will then take the produce to the correct stock. You can increase your agricultural production if you have highly skilled farmers and have used fertilizers.

Be sure to move harvested crops to the correct stock. If you don’t, the crops that remain will wither and rot, leaving all your hard work for nothing.

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