FFXIV – How to Play as Melee DPS in Crystalline Conflict

Melee DPS is a great style of play because it involves using the flashiest tasks in the game. Ninjas, dragons, and samurai often make winning plays just by getting critical kills. However, being flashy is not easy in Crystalline Conflict. There are still a few fundamentals that Melee DPS players will want to practice when going into battle.

Have a high impact as a melee DPS player in Crystalline Conflict

The most important thing a melee DPS player has in mind is target priority. Jobs like Ninja and Dragoon don’t have the damage to take out tanks quickly, but they can tackle enemy healers and DPS. Smart Melee DPS players will target opposing ranged DPS early to put the fight in their favor.

When analyzing threats, a team with Black Mage will usually be the biggest problem if they can trigger ranged damage. If a ninja can use Shukuchi to get into the dark mage’s range and get a quick kill, that opposing team will lose most of their damage during the teamfight.


The other big skill that Melee DPS players will need to develop is knowing when to enter. No player will want to step into the middle of the fray while enemies are using all of their damage abilities. Melee DPS players need to be opportunistic, wait for enemies to waste most or all of their MP, then they’ll be free to start killing.

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