Final Fantasy XIV adds a new emote and adorable Fat Cat outfit to its online store

Do you like the Fat Cat mount? Can’t get enough of the Fat Cat Minion and plush? It’s time to complete the set with the Fat Cat outfit in Final Fantasy XIV. The glamorous new gear was added to the Final Fantasy XIV online store on Wednesday, October 14, giving players the chance to fully embrace the Fat Cat lifestyle.

Retailing for US$22.00, the Fat Cat Attire includes five pieces, the Fat Cat Hood, Loungewear, Half Pants, Shorts and Slippers, respectively fitting the head, chest , legs, alternate legs and feet.

The piece is also fully tintable, allowing you to further customize your cat. But their real selling point are the adorable slippers.

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In addition to this perfect outfit pairing, a new emote has been added. Known as the Deride emote, this is a silly emote that has been attracting players for over a year now. First revealed in Zadnor’s Critical Engagements in June 2021, it was the signature grimace of the NPC Pagaga of The Pride. Now it’s yours to grab for $7.00 on the Mog Station and Online Store.

All in all, this is a fantastic pair of lightweight additions to the Final Fantasy XIV store, which provide a nice element of relaxation after the chaos of recent patches.

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