Final Fantasy XIV announces the return of the Callback campaign

Have your friends left FFXIV? Need an incentive to keep them coming back? Well, Square Enix has you covered by announcing the recall campaign. Revealed in a tweet posted on September 7, the recall campaign is back and will run from today until September 30.

To participate, simply log in and access your friends list. Right click on your friends name and select Invite Back. They will then receive an email asking them to return to the game. When they return, they will receive 14 days (two weeks) of free game time, 99 Aetherite Tickets for free teleports, and 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers which are used to purchase high-level gear.


Players to be invited back must have an inactive service account for at least 90 days (including the free play period). Those who do not meet this condition will not receive an email even if they have been invited back! Your friend must also have already purchased a full version of Final Fantasy XIV.

If someone you invited returns within 90 days of their return, you will receive five Golden Chocobo Feathers. This unique currency can usually only be obtained by participating in the refer-a-friend program which awards Golden Chocobo Feathers based on how long a friend is replaced.

You can exchange Golden Chocobo Feathers for Mounts, Rare Dyes, and Aetherite Tickets. Full details can be found on the official Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone website.

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