Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensturn Event Rings In The New Year Starting December 31

Mark your calendars as there is one final event in Final Fantasy XIV for 2022, as Heavensturn takes over the game on December 31. traditions and festivities are running, giving you a chance to unlock amazing new glamorous and furnishing items.

Announced on the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter following the December 23 Live Letter, this Heavensturn will ring in the new year and give you new glamor to embark on your Patch 6.3 adventures, which will launch on January 10, 2023. The event begins at Limsa Lominsa, the quest requires you to be level 15. Talk to Usagi Bugyo at X: 11.5, Y: 13.9 to start the quest.


Upon completing the quest, you will receive a set of Heavensturn armor, including a chest, leg, hand, and foot. You will also receive the Heavensturn Crane hanging banner for your home or apartment. As always, Seasonal Quests cannot be completed after the event ends, and some items available in previous iterations can be obtained through the Seasonal Shop.

Final Fantasy XIV still has a full schedule of events to keep you going throughout the year, and it’s nice that even at the very end of 2022 fans have something to send them in the new year. . And there’s plenty to look forward to in FFXIV: Endwalker in 2023, as our events and patch guide shows!

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