Fortnite – All new in-game items and weapons in patch 21.30

Fortnite – All new in-game items and weapons in patch 21.30

With each new patch update, you can expect many new weapons and gameplay items in Fortnite to bring gameplay variety, and the 21.30 patch update is no different. As a famous Fortnite leaker and data miner, HypeX has shared a preview of new weapon/game items in the upcoming patch. He tweeted that the new patch will contain a new close-range weapon in the form of a Prime Shotgun. Other than that, the game will also see the return of the Icecream Cone as a healing item.


All New Weapons and Game Items in Fortnite Patch 21.30

As mentioned earlier, the current patch will see the introduction of a new gun called Prime Shotgun to the base game. The Prime shotgun has unique characteristics as it can deal at least 20% more damage on its first shot than others. So if you can land the crucial first blow, you’re guaranteed to win plenty of close-range encounters using the new weapon.

Patch 21.30 also marks the return of Icecream Cones. They were first introduced in patch 9.30, to be vaulted in patch 10.10. Ice cream cones are mini consumables that can increase your health by a certain amount, like a bandage. We don’t yet know the item’s current healing numbers and will update the article once the patch is live.

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