Genshin Impact Wisdom built her house, she dug her seven pillars World Quest guide – The Dirge of Bilqis

The Dirge of Bilqis is Genshin Impact’s most prominent Hadramaveth Desert quest chain, introducing players to the harsh conditions of the region and reuniting them with an old friend, Jeht. It is important to complete it to unlock all the exploration mechanics that will allow you to explore this part of the desert. The series’ first world quest is called Wisdom Has Built Her House, She Has Hewn Out Her Seven Pillars. Here’s how to unlock and complete it.

How to unlock The Dirge of Bilqis quest chain in Genshin Impact

The Dirge of Bilqis world questline can be unlocked by completing the entire Golden Slumber questline.

Once they are completed, you will automatically unlock the first quest in the series called Wisdom Has Built Her House, She Has Hewn Out Her Seven Pillars.

How to Complete Wisdom Built Her Home She Dug Her Seven Pillars World Quest in Genshin Impact

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At the start of the quest, you will be prompted to speak to Katheryne in Sumeru (although this part is optional). You can head straight for the Statue of the Seven to the west of Kjah-Nisut. Interacting with him for the first time will light up the Hadramaveth Desert. From there, slide down to enter the Tanit Camps.

As soon as you enter, a small cutscene with the Tanit guards will begin. Once done, go down the stairs to speak with Aderfi.


Then, hang on to the four-leaf seal to head to the other side of the mountains, where you need to talk to the NPC named Masseira. Then swipe down to speak with another NPC named Yuften. He will invite you to visit the matriarch Babel.

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Hang on to the four-leaf seals directly above you to make climbing the mountain easier. Then approach the group of Hermits and continue the dialogue with the Matriarch Babel. After your conversation, you will find an old friend, Jeht.

She will lead you to Yuften, so drop down to return to the previous location and speak with him. Once done, you must accompany him to feed the nearby crocodiles. Just head for the bright spots between the dialogues.

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Finally, you must pay a visit to Jeht’s abode. The area is marked on the minimap, so you can refer to it to find the small tent to the west. Talking with Jeht will complete the world quest and unlock the next chain quest titled The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears.

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