Go back to school in the Tears of Themis Revisiting Youth event

The Tears of Themis Revisiting Youth event takes the lawyers on a journey down memory lane, as they rediscover their youth alongside Luke, Marius, Artem and Vyn. The event puts an end to the hustle and bustle of the busy lives of everyone in the NXX investigation team, bringing the nostalgic sight of blackboards, desks, portable music players and paper planes, as all the world goes back to school and lives a romance in the classroom.

Event overview

From August 17, 2022 to August 25, 2022, Lawyers can complete event tasks to collect Paper Airplanes of Youth, which can be exchanged for random puzzle pieces to form a picture brimming with unforgettable days of youth. Meanwhile, starting August 24, 2022, Lawyers can complete daily event tasks to earn dice rolls to explore a game board featuring the dizzying vistas of Stellis City campus life. Trigger random teleport points that lead to the exclusive Classroom Café and collect a plethora of awesome rewards, S-Chips, Stellin, Oracle of Justice, and more. Visiting the student-favorite Classroom Café six times will earn players an event-limited “Youthful Days” badge.

The Lush Reveries event will also kick off, giving players additional rewards for completing daily and event tasks. Once designated levels are reached, players can claim the event-exclusive “Eternal Whispers” Vyn SR for free!

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Shadow of Themis and exclusive invitations

During Revisiting Youth, a Shadow of Themis event will be available with increased draw rates for the following cards:

  • Artem SSR “New Heavens”
  • Marius SSR « Precious Mornings »
  • Luke SR “Love Between the Pages”

Players will also be able to purchase interactive chibi invites of the four male protagonists, which include exclusive campus-themed mini-games and the BGM event “Revisiting Youth – Innocence.”

Tears of Themis is a detective romance game where players take on the role of a rookie lawyer in the fictional town of Stellis. But darkness lurks behind closed doors, and it’s up to the NXX Investigation Team to bring justice to light. Tears of Themis is available on Android and iOS in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Visit the official site for more information.

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