Gone But Not Forgotten Quest Walkthrough – Destiny 2

The Festival of the Lost is a celebration that players look forward to all year long. The Tower is filled with masked Guardians, bearing the faces of slain enemies and friends. Candy litters the ground, dropped by fallen opponents. A spirit of joy fills the air, as millions of gamers around the world come together for light-hearted fun. Here’s a walkthrough for Gone But Not Forgotten, the first quest in Festival of the Lost.

How to do the Gone But Not Forgotten quest in Destiny 2

Step 1 – Speak with Eva Levante in the tower

This first step is complete once you have collected your free festival mask from Eva Levante. If you accidentally close the window where you can claim their mask, just exit the chat and talk to Eva again. This window will allow you to claim a mask for free, from a variety of the four items. If you don’t know which item to choose, check your current headset item and copy it as a safe option.

Step 2 – Equip the Festival Mask

This step prompts you to equip the festival mask in your inventory. Once equipped, you can also change the appearance of the mask by going to the Appearance subscreen and activating an armor ornament. This mask only grants you a power boost during the Festival of the Lost, rendering it ineffective after the event ends.

Step 3 – Talk to Eva Levante again

If you talk to Eva Levante in the tower, she introduces you to the Spectral Pages, which can only be earned during the Festival of the Lost event. To earn these pages, you must complete activities while wearing the festival mask. These pages can be turned into Manifested Pages after defeating the Headless in Haunted Sectors.


Step 4 – Enter a haunted area and complete a summoning ritual

To complete this step, you must enter a Haunted Sector by opening your Tower map and running the activity. To participate in a summoning ritual, stand in the luminous circles indicated by an indicator. These will spawn a Headless One when fully charged.

Step 5 – Turn two Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages

This stage only requires you to defeat a single Headless One and complete a Haunted Sector and can be completed as part of the previous stage. This requires no activation from the player, but Manifested Pages are automatically converted from Spectral Pages.

Step 6 – Talk to Eva to learn more about the Manifested Pages

To complete this step, talk to Eva Levante in the Tower, and she’ll briefly mention that the Manifested Pages need to be brought into the Book of the Forgotten. However, placing the manifest pages in the book is part of the next step of the quest.

Step 7 – Add Your Manifested Pages to the Book of the Forgotten

To complete this step, walk to the Book of the Forgotten pulpit and interact with the object. Select one of the three hidden pages to complete the quest step. When unlocked, each of these wrapped pages grants entry to the Tales of the Forgotten Vol. 2. Adding a Manifested Page in the Book of the Forgotten also completes a triumph in the Season of Plunder category.


Step 8 – Talk to Eva one more time

To complete this step, talk to Eva Levante again in the tower. She informs you about your Festival of the Lost event card, as well as the masks and goody bags she offers in her shop. She encourages you to familiarize yourself with your event card, as you can earn exclusive rewards.

Step 9 – Claim Your First Event Challenge

Eva invites you to claim your first event challenge from your event card. You can find this event card by heading to Eva or by selecting the Festival of the Lost section on your Quest page. Claiming these challenges through your Quest menu is usually the most efficient option, especially if you don’t have time to physically travel to the tower.

Step 10 – Talk to Eva and claim your rewards

To claim your rewards, head to Eva in the tower and she’ll give you a Mechabre Sniper Rifle as a gift. It is one of four exclusive event weapons for Festival of the Lost and features an impressive list of traits. With this final step, you have now completed the Gone But Not Forgotten questline and can continue your Festival of the Lost adventures.

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