Gotham Knights Collectibles Guide | Gotham Knights

There are 154 total collectibles to find in Gotham Knights if you don’t count Batman’s secret hideouts, which aren’t that secret because they appear on your map as you play through the campaign. We won’t cover those places here. Instead, we’ll focus on the truly hidden collectibles, including Batarangs, Monuments, Street Art Murals, and Strigidae Pages, all of which are much harder to find.

You can access the entire map of Gotham City and its 11 boroughs very close to the start of the game and for the rest of your time with Gotham Knights. With the exception of the Strigidae Pages (which are available after Mission 2), none of the collectibles are locked behind missions or level caps, although you may want to unlock fast travel before heading out to the northern districts.

Here’s a quick primer on what to look for:


Batman has left 60 Batarangs all over town, many of them in some pretty hard-to-find places, and you just need to step on them to pick them up. They give off a column of blue light that shoots into the sky, but you have to be relatively close to them to see it; it doesn’t help, there are millions of similar blue lights across Gotham.

Batarang collectibles will glow orange when scanned by the AR device, but you have to be incredibly close to them to see the outline (essentially above them), and even then it can be tricky to detect the edge. You will get the Batarang Collector trophy and achievement for finding them all.


There are 40 landmarks to find in Gotham. However, they are not exactly what you might think: GCPD is not a Landmark, for example. Neither did Arkham Asylum. Your database collects all the points of interest you encounter; some fall into the Landmark category, some do not.

To collect landmarks, you need to interact with their historical marker signs (small square signs) often found on nearby walls or columns. You must interact with these signs to indicate that you have visited the locations. Signs glow two different colors when scanned with the AR device: orange before they’ve been collected and white after they’ve been collected.

These locations are some of the hardest collectibles to find in the game, as seeing the glow of a sign can be incredibly difficult. You will get the History Major trophy and achievement for visiting them all.

Street art murals:

Street Art murals are, conversely, some of the easiest collectibles to find in Gotham Knights. Most boroughs only have one mural to find (though some have multiple), and you need to scan them with the AR device to collect them.

They are surrounded by a bright orange border when you use your AR pulse. This border can be easily seen through other buildings and contrasts sharply with the city around them. You’ll get the Claim the High Ground Mural trophy and achievement for scanning them all.

Strict pages:

This part of the guide is still in progress, and these collectibles are not yet included below, although they will be very soon. They become available after Mission 2.

Downtown Gotham

financial district

Financial District Batarangs

  • At the top of the antenna at the top of the Belfry.

  • Gotham City Towers, north/northwest of the Belfry, just west of the New Trigate Bridge entrance. It is northeast of the Gotham City National Bank, across Commerce Avenue. Look above the river side entrance.

  • Atop the Gotham City Ferry Company Clock Tower, far northwest of the Financial District, just southwest of the Madison Street Bridge, and northwest of the Iceberg Lounge (far west of the map near the compass).

  • Near the chimneys on the western part of the roof of Quartz Engineering Labs in the far north/center of the Financial District.

  • This one is a bit nasty. It’s in the wall on the north side of the Elliot Building, one level below the roof, just below the northwest statue.

  • On the roof on the west side of the Gotham City Mall, east/slightly northeast of the Elliot Center on Grand Avenue. Look for the large building with the golden GSC logo.

Landmarks of the financial district

  • National Bank of Gotham City: northeast of the Belfry in the Financial District, just south/southwest of the New Trigate Bridge, and southeast of Quartz Labs. The sign is near the main doors on Commerce Avenue. Building with green gas swirling around its upper floors.

  • Gotham City Ferry Company: The Ferry Company is in the northwest section of the Financial District that juts out into the river, northwest of the Iceberg Lounge and southwest of the Madison Street Bridge, near the compass on the map. The sign is to the left of the Sundollar Cafe to the right of the Ferry Company entrance.

  • Miller Harbour: This landmark is on the South/Central Pier jutting out of the Financial District on Dozier Avenue, southeast of the Belfry. The sign is near the front door, under the American flag.

Financial District Street Art Mural

A Green Gotham: This mural is on the building with the water tower just west of the Belfry, across Gate Street. You can see it in front of you when charging into any Night Patrol.

west end

West End Batarangs

  • On the roof of a building just southwest across the aisle from Gotham City’s First Church in the southeast West End. Look for the orange and green Bessolo Ristorante sign with a red awning and the blue and white Classy Glasses sign on Storrow Street.

  • Above the Gotham City Gazette building behind the red neon Gotham Gazette on the south side.

  • At the top of the building on the left side of the entrance to the Chelsea Tunnel at the far west of the West End; there is a Join the Gotham City Police sign on the building. The Batarang is under a yellow and red billboard for Storrow Slush.

  • On a top floor wall on the west side of the station in the northwest part of the West End, a little north/northeast of the Chelsea Tunnel and just southwest of Grant Lane. There are several restaurants in the alley behind the station, including Big Belly Burger and Pizza Connection.

  • Behind a fence on the roof of the easternmost/tallest building of the GCPD Major Crimes Unit.

  • On the roof of the Gotham General Hospital tower.

West End Landmarks

  • Gotham City’s First Church: This landmark is in the southeast of the West End between Rotterdam Street and Storrow Street, just east of the Gotham City Gazette. The sign is near the stained glass window to the left of the entrance on Rotterdam Street.

  • Gotham City Labor Union Building: This is the large gray government building in the center of the West End, southwest of Gotham General Hospital, across Prince Street, and north of Gotham City Gazette. Grant Lane is to the west, Croydon Avenue to the south, and Prince Street to the north and east. The sign is to the right of the doors along Croydon Avenue.

West End Street Art Murals

  • Our Friend Joel: On a building directly east of the Batarang at the Chelsea Tunnel in the western West End along North Madison Street, west of the Coventry Street Viaduct. Pamela’s Cafe Diner is nearby and there is a Blasdell Oil Co. gas station in front of the mural.

  • Born This Way: this piece of street art is in the mid-west of the West End, on the south side of a building in the curve where Grant Lane and Croydon Avenue merge; it’s barely west of the GothamCity Labor Union Landmark. There is a small “Glow” billboard and lounge in front of it, as well as several hotels in the immediate vicinity.

Lower Gotham

The cauldron

Cauldron Batarangs

  • At the top of the ruined building under the railway viaduct just southeast of Harbor Drive and east/northeast of the Gate Street viaduct in the far eastern part of The Cauldron.

  • Next to the chimney at the top of the Big Belly Diner in the north/middle part of The Cauldron. It’s on Saint Avenue, just under the Gate Street overpass.

  • Above the Stagg Building (tallest) sign in the southeast of the area, near Volczek Street and Harrow Road and the Gate Street Viaduct. Near where you meet Talia in Mission 1.3.

  • On a small water tower on top of an upper level apartment building in the far northeast part of The Cauldron, northeast of Paris Island and McCrea Street. There is a radar antenna on the water tower, as well as one next to it on the roof that attaches to several others below.

Cauldron landmarks

  • Sacred Heart Convalescent Home: This is at the far north end of the border with the financial district of Harbor Drive. Look for the large stone building with golden double doors and two statues above the doors placed in the building. The sign is to the right of the doors under a light and in a stone planter.

  • Fei Hong Supermarket: It is located in the central western part of The Cauldron, on the east side of Volczek Street under the Gate Street Viaduct; in the area where Volczek Street meets Harrow Road, just southeast of Paris Island.

  • Paris Island Incinerator: This is the large abandoned factory on Third Street in the middle of the cauldron. Look at the brick wall on the west side, along Third Street, across from the electrical substation. The sign is near the Unsafe and Keep Out signs on the incinerator building.

  • Luigi’s Finest Pizzeria: This Landmark Pizzeria can be found southeast of the Paris Island Incinerator in the Cauldron. It is at street level just south/southeast of Diangelo Avenue on a side street that leads east toward the Third Street overpass.

The Cauldron Street Art Murals

  • Faces of Gotham: Go to the south side of the Paris Island Incinerator in the Cauldron and look down the bridge into the city below. You’ll see the mural near a stairwell and under Paradise and Herr graffiti across from a neon Roast Pork sign.

  • Stolen Gotham: This one is on the upper level on the west/southwest side of the Cauldron, west of Diangelo Avenue (which is west of Paris…