How old are Cuphead and Mugman?

How old are Cuphead and Mugman?

Cuphead and Mugman don’t act like adults, but that’s to be expected since most cartoon characters don’t act like adults. Therefore, maturity is not an accurate indicator of the age of these characters. Studio MDHR, the developer, has provided an answer that should satisfy most people curious about the age of the characters.

How old are Mugman and Cuphead?

While they don’t directly mention their age, they are known to be over 18, thanks to a tweet from Studio MDHR. A Twitter user asked Studio MDHR on Twitter if Cuphead and Mugman were kids or adults. Studio MDHR replied that Cuphead and Mugman were more like “kidults”.


Studio MDHR would have said this if they were just children, but the specification of “adults” in the word “kidults” suggests that they are acknowledging adulthood while showing respect for the childlike nature of both. We can assume that these are adults behaving like children or having childish interests. So they are over 18, the age at which someone is considered an adult. Perhaps the studio will acknowledge the release of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, but that remains to be seen.

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