How the TFT Champion Pool Works

Teamfight Tactics is a nuanced strategy game. It’s so detailed, in fact, that it can sometimes be overwhelming for new players. Basic game elements like the champion pool can be overshadowed by shiny bonuses and general team composition. Below, we’ve explained exactly how the champion pool works in TFT so you can buy your units with confidence.

TFT Champions Group

In a TFT game, each player draws from the same group of champions. This pool constitutes all the units available in a game. These units belong to different levels ranging from one (one cost) to five (five costs). Until you are at level three, you can only draw level one units.


Once you reach level three, you have a 25% chance to draw a level two unit. As you level up, the chance of getting higher level units increases and the chance of getting lower units decreases before it runs out.

In any champion group, there are only ten five-level units available. Because everyone is playing from the same pool, this means that if another player catches six of the five-cost units, all other players will scramble to get the remaining four units.

The pool only changes when someone launches or buys a unit. However, if someone is knocked out, all of their units will return to the available pool.

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