How to Appear Offline to Your Friends on Nintendo Switch

How to Appear Offline to Your Friends on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has a huge library of games, including several online multiplayer titles. While these games require multiple people and allow you to play with your friends, that might not always be what you want. Here is a guide on how to appear offline for users on your Nintendo Switch friends list.

How to Appear Offline on Nintendo Switch

  • From the home screen of your Nintendo device, go to your profile page. You can do this by selecting the circular badge icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Once your profile page is open, scroll down to the User Settings tab.
  • In this menu, scroll down until you see the Friends Settings column and then select the first option, i.e., Friends Settings.
  • Interact with the View Online Status tab to open a list with the following three options:
    • All the friends
    • Best friends
    • Nobody
  • Choose No One to hide your online presence while playing games on your Nintendo Switch. Moreover, you can select any of these options depending on who you want to share your online status with.


This feature allows you to show or hide your online status and is sometimes useful. If you want some alone time with your favorite game without letting your friends know about it, you can just hide your visibility. Be sure to change this status setting back to All Friends if you want to play with others.

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