How to Avoid Missile Lock-on in Hardpoint – Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Guide

While trying to make sure Hassan is evacuated, players will take flight in Modern Warfare 2’s Hardpoint mission. At the start of the mission, players familiarize themselves with their surroundings before launching waves of enemies trying to pick up Hassan. There are three weapons players can use and eventually the cartel starts to focus the player’s plane with missiles. Here’s how to avoid missile attacks and eliminate anti-aircraft troops in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Avoid Missiles in Hardpoint – MW2 Campaign Guide

In Call of Duty MW2’s Hardpoint mission, red text will appear on screen to let players know when they’re being targeted by missiles, giving them plenty of time to react even if they can’t see who’s aiming at them. Activating flares will give players time to take down all enemies with RPGs, but there is a cooldown between uses. The controls for this are:

  • PC – Q to activate flares.
  • Xbox – LB to activate flares.
  • PlayStation – L1 to activate flares.

All Anti-Air Enemy Spawn Locations In Hardpoint – MW2 Campaign Guide

A total of four enemies with anti-aircraft missiles will spawn in consistent locations after players defend Soap and the gang from a wave of enemies and RPGs fired at them. Players will be able to find them by looking at the smoke trail left by the missile. If kept alive for too long, these missiles may end up firing one after another between the player’s flare cooldown. Shooting them down as soon as they appear is necessary to pass the level on harder difficulties, but waiting for them to be shot can leave allies vulnerable. This is where each enemy spawns:

  • First Anti-Air Enemy – The first enemy appears at the school after the trucks arrive.
  • Second Anti-Air Enemy – The second enemy spawns to the south near the silo. It’s east of the soccer field.
  • Third and Fourth Anti-Air Enemy – The last of the RPG-carrying enemies are north of the bridge along the dirt road. The first will spawn before the vehicle convoy arrives while the second will spawn after players destroy the bridge.

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