How to Beat Jetstream Sam in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – Boss Guide

How to Beat Jetstream Sam in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Jetstream Sam has already appeared in several story cutscenes, but in Mission R-06 Badlands Showdown, we can finally engage in real combat with the cyber samurai. Sam is a difficult enemy to defeat, due to his speed and relentless combos.

If you haven’t learned to parry before, Sam’s fight will force you to learn. Despite his intimidating presence as Revengeance’s penultimate boss, Jetstream Sam isn’t unbeatable. How to beat Jetstream Sam boss in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance?

First phase

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Sam is one of the most aggressive bosses in Revengeance. After your attacks, he often counterattacks, punishing you for engaging. Even though he only has 100% health, his fight can be brutal for those not comfortable with parrying. Unlike other bosses, Sam generally plays defensive until you attack first. When you launch an attack, Sam retaliates with quick strikes in retaliation.

The key to beating Sam is becoming familiar with his attack patterns. One way to understand his attacks is to play defensively a few tries. Try to avoid attacking and only defend yourself from his attacks. Although it plays a bit differently when the player starts attacking, it’s a great way to learn how to predict their attacks.

At the start of the fight, Sam will raise his hands and sneer, providing a perfect opportunity to land a few strikes. He’ll play pretty defensively at first, though he’ll throw two deadly combos. Each combo has four strikes, three at the start, then a break, then the last. Each of these attacks must be parried individually, making four parries in total.

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The other combo is similar, as it also has four strikes. In this combo, Sam will strike twice, then pause, then his sword will rush towards Raiden with another strike and a final swipe to finish him off. If you get caught in one of the first attacks of this combo, it’s hard to regain your footing, as some attacks stun Raiden.

If possible, it’s best to parry these combos in full. He usually executes these combos after you attack him, and it is used as a counter attack.

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Second phase

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At some point during the start of the fight, Sam will rush at you. Parry this attack, then activate Blade Mode and slice off his hand. In Blade Mode, you can also sneak in a few extra hits before hitting his hand, to deal some extra damage. Hitting his hand in blade mode will knock the sword out of Sam’s hands and he will fight unarmed. The main threat in this phase are Sam’s lunges, where he tries to grab you and smash your face into the ground. You’ll know when Sam is about to do this attack because he stands at a distance and his eye turns red.

To parry this attack, first face its direction. Then attack just before it collides with you. If you try to parry too early, the parry will run out of time and you will still be hit by the lunge. Be aware, right after that lunge he will attempt to kick you. He doesn’t give a specific warning as to when he will kick, he only coils slightly with his body.

Once his health bar is reduced to around 50%, he will attempt to grab your sword. After successfully completing this quick event, he will retrieve his own sword and activate his third phase.

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Third stage

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Once he gets his sword back, Sam will play aggressively. The main threat in this phase is his blade rushes, where his sword glows red and he lunges at you. These attacks can easily defeat you, preventing you from regaining your footing. He likes to activate several of these attacks in a row.

When Sam jumps up, crouches, and his blade turns red, you know he’s about to perform this maneuver. This phase is all about surviving and doing small damage when the opportunity arises. He will also do an attack where he finds himself and slams his sword, so watch out for that attack as well.

Sam will use one of the blade spike attacks when his health is around 10%, which activates a quick event. After successfully completing the quick event, a cutscene will play, and you’ve done it. You killed Jetstream Sam. Congratulations!

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