How to Beat the Act 5 Boss in Scorn

The Fifth Act of Scorn boss doesn’t just drop by pumping ammo into it. Players who encounter the boss will need to be ready to attack him when he reveals an opening. The fight requires baiting attacks and waiting for the boss to reload. Attacks can take a lot of the player’s health, so it’s highly recommended to get to the health station before starting the fight. Here’s how to beat the Act 5 boss in Scorn.

How to Beat the Boss in Scorn Act 5

There are several achievements found during Act 5 of Scorn, with the boss fight on the way to each one. Before starting the fight, two stations can be found by the locked fetus to provide ammo and healing. When the fight starts, the boss will either try to attack the player with its arm when in melee range, or it will fire grenades when further away. The key to the fight is waiting for the boss to reload. When reloading, the boss will reveal two bags on each side. After a few shots from both sides, the boss will seemingly be defeated.

The second phase of the boss fight is a bit different from the first and requires players to launch a melee attack from the boss. This can be done by strafing the grenades and waiting for the boss to finish for a melee attack, exposing its innards. This only needs to be done twice to defeat the boss, but it may take some time. There are two melee attacks the boss can perform and only one of them exposes its weak spot. When exposed, any shot on the boss will deal damage to it, not just a direct hit on the fetus.

How to beat the second boss of Scorn Act 5

To access the next fetus, players will need to step on the pressure plate in the room after picking up the grenade launcher from the boss. Shooting the pillars will allow players to reach the fetus to place it in another android stomach. This will immediately trigger the second boss fight.

The second boss fight requires waiting for the boss to reload, just like the first boss fight. When he reloads, he no longer opens his stomach, but reaches out behind him to reload. A single grenade fired inside will kill the boss and give players the last fetus they need for Act 5.

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