How to Beat the Lunar New Year Challenge in Clash of Clans

Supercell brings new challenges to mark the Lunar New Year every new year. Players around the world are celebrating the event by battling in exciting new raids and earning unique scenery and hero skins as rewards. This year’s challenge is one of the toughest we’ve ever encountered! In this guide, we’ll help you beat it!

How to 3 Star a Lunar New Year Challenge in Clash of Clans

This year’s Lunar New Year challenge will reward you with magical theater sets, an obstacle, and a legendary Lunar Queen skin. It’s remarkable for being extremely difficult, but if you follow the steps outlined below, you’ll pass this challenge every time.

Trigger hidden Teslas and Skeleton traps on the correct push

  • Set up a Wallbreaker in the lower right corner near an air defense.
  • Place two Wallbreakers on the right side, near the Gold Storage.
  • Send an extra Wallberaker into the small space above the Gold Storage, near the bunny’s head.
  • Send two more Wallbreakers to the right side under the Bunny’s arm to trigger Skeleton Traps.
  • Place three balloons directly above each Tesla on the right side of the map. Add the fourth if you feel you need it.
  • Destroy the wizard statue on the right side of the map. Place a balloon above the statue and one below. This will trigger nine hidden Teslas.
  • To destroy the Barbarian statue, do the same thing, place two Balloons above and below it. This triggers Skeleton Traps. Also place the Poison spell to the right of the statue. Add the queen and five healers to accompany her in the same location. To clear this area of ​​any remaining Tesla Towers, deploy another Balloon.


Bottom push with Barbarian King

  • Start by deploying two balloons to the second lantern from the left and right, respectively. They will trigger five hidden Teslas.
  • The attack will focus on the weak spot we opened in the first attack. Skeleton Take out the breach in the wall and bolster their push with a Valkyrie and the Barbarian King. The Barbarian King is a powerful unit capable of taking out hidden Teslas with a single blow.
  • Focus on the queen. As she approaches the guardian statue, place Rage on top of the golden tree. Place the castle troops on the breach behind the queen and a Valkyrie.
  • Watch the progress of the balls reaching the center of the base. As they approach the X arc placed near the inner base wall, reinforce the lower push by placing four balloons, one for each Tesla tower. Again, if one of them is left standing, use another balloon to ensure its destruction.
  • Watch out for Queen Archer as she progresses further into the inner part of the base. She will be in danger when she engages the defending hero and the X arc on the left side. Use her ability to turn invisible to save her whenever you feel she is threatened. You should be able to destroy the core of the base in this push.

Base Top Clearance

  • We will now focus on the top of the base, in the shape of bunny ears. There will be four Tesla towers and four Inferno towers on the walls. Place three Rage spells, two at the top of each highest Inferno tower and one between the four.
  • Place two Lava Hounds to attack the towers from the top of the base.
  • You should have about 20 balloons left. Distribute them in a semi-circle shape around the base walls and let them support the Hounds.
  • These troops will manage to collapse the upper part of the base before joining your forces to clear the remains of the base.

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