How to beat Zell Condorbrave in Gungrave GORE

Gungrave GORE offers a wide variety of boss fights, both in difficulty and strategy. For example, Gungrave GORE’s Brhatu boss fight is all about staying away from him. In contrast, fighting Zell Condorbrave is all about dodging at the right time and taking as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. Below is a guide on how to beat Zell’s boss fight, including his attacks and the best way to defeat him.

How to beat Zell Condorbrave in Gungrave GORE

First phase

In the first phase, Zell will loop between three attacks that will each discourage you from using a strategy to beat him.

  • Triple Shot: Zell will crouch down and aim his sniper rifle at you while a laser appears between you and him. Then it will fire three consecutive shots that will each inflict massive damage. You need to dodge these shots because two hits can potentially destroy your shields.
  • Mine Throw: Zell will quickly put his hand in his coat before throwing mines at you that prevent dodging left or right. A single mine won’t cause serious damage, but falling on multiple mines will start to wreak havoc. Mines will persist until he throws more.
  • Rain of Fire: Zell will quickly point his finger at you before artillery fire rains down on the position he pointed. You should already be forced to move around the arena due to Triple Shot, but you should always be aware of getting out of this attack quickly.


Phase two

With just over half his health, Zell will enter his second phase. You’ll know this phase has started when Zell performs his first new ability:

  • Call for Backup: Zell will quickly crouch and hiss loudly, summoning five mercenaries who will begin bombarding you with bullets.
  • Aimed Shot: Zell will disappear from the arena before reappearing on top of a nearby random structure. It will then aim at you, displaying a blue laser pointed at your body. Finally, he’ll fire a powerful sniper at you that will fire full one-hit shields, so be sure to dodge him.

Depending on the difficulty level of the game, it is possible for you to activate the Fury mode and quickly take down Zell even with the mercenaries attacking you. Mercenaries don’t deal much damage and Zell’s health pool is small, so if you can, your best option will probably be to focus on Zell before he can take his abilities away.

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