How to Block Jacuzzi Streamers on Twitch

While so-called hot tub streamers are a fad that seems to be dying out on Twitch, for some the trend won’t die down fast enough. That’s why it may be necessary to block, hide or remove them from your recommendations. Here’s how to block spa streamers from viewing on Twitch.

How to Tell You’re “Not Interested” in Spa Streams

Twitch has a built-in way to hide streams you’re not interested in. This can be done from both the Twitch homepage and the All Categories section, but nowhere else on the website. To do this, go on Twitch to the Categories section on the homepage or the All Categories page and look for the Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches category. Click on the three vertical dots on the side of the category and select the Not Interested button, with a small crossed-out eye icon. This will add it to your Not Interested list and you will no longer be recommended for those channels.


Why do Hot Tub Streamers always appear on my recommendations?

If you have followed these steps and you are still seeing hot tub coils, there could be several reasons. Twitch works on an algorithm, and if you’ve ever watched spa streamers, you’ll always be recommended their streams. The best way to avoid this is to directly select the Not Interested option when recommending them on the homepage.

Additionally, some streamers may attempt to evade this by not using the correct categories. In this case, you can tell streamers that they are using the wrong category. You can also attempt to block broader streaming categories, such as Just Chatting or IRL, by selecting Not Interested on the home page or the All Categories section. This will avoid the majority of spa flows.

Unfortunately, there is currently no surefire way to block all types of particular content on Twitch, and a streamer who appears on the homepage can still bypass your Not Interested list. You can view and remove items from your Not Interested list at any time by going to your profile, selecting Settings, then Recommendations. Here you can delete any of the feeds or categories that you might want to revisit.

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