How to change brake fluid in Car Mechanic Simulator 2022

change brake fluid in Car Mechanic Simulator

As a little mechanic in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, you have to fix problems with customer vehicles which are detailed in orders. Virtually all cars will require you to replace some of the car’s service fluids, including brake booster, oil, windshield washer, power steering, and coolant. In this guide, we will show you how to drain and replace brake fluid.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2022: How to change brake fluid

change brake fluid in Car Mechanic Simulator

If you are looking to achieve a good performance score and maintain high customer satisfaction, you will need to meet the order requirements. Being asked to replace brake fluid is a fairly common request, and it’s also fairly simple once you know how to do it.

Once the car is placed at the lifter inside the garage, open the hood of the car and select the engine to enter dismantling mode.

Draining the brake booster requires a special tool, so open your tool wheel and select the drain tool. This is what is used to drain the brake booster.

To use the drain tool, all you have to do is place the cursor over the appropriate tank and hold down the “interact” button. There are a few reservoirs to choose from, but the one with the brake booster can be identified by its small size, white base, and yellow cap. Be sure to click on the tank, not the cap.

The drain tool will fill with brake fluid, which is white in color.

Of course, the customer wouldn’t appreciate you leaving his brake booster empty, so you’ll have to refill it. It’s quite easy. Switch back to disassembly mode and return to the brake booster. By simply clicking on its cap, you can pour the liquid to refill it.

This exact same process can be applied to coolants and power steering fluids. Windshield washer is a little easier, as it can simply be topped up without needing to do a full replacement, and oil is much more complex, requiring you to jack up the car and use the oil change in below. You’ll need to do these processes quite often, and you should be able to perform them fairly quickly with a little practice.

That’s all you need to know to replace or flush brake fluid in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. Failure to do so can negatively impact your scores, so be sure to stay up to date with every order. This is certainly an easy step to forget.