How to Change Character Hair and Appearance in Splatoon 3

Part of what makes Splatoon such a unique experience is its style. After all, many games allow the player to customize an avatar, but how often is that avatar based on a squid? Splatoon 3 gives players plenty of options to customize their appearance, and players can change it at any time.

How can players change their outfits in Splatoon 3?

Opening the game is where players can choose their initial appearance. Players can select a hairstyle, skin tone, and eye color, among others. In addition, players can also choose the appearance of their “boyfriend”, which helps them during the tutorial stage.

After completing the tutorial, players are dropped into Splatsville. In this central hub, players can again jump online, play and customize their character.

There are several stores in Splatsville where players can go to change each separate piece of clothing. The fastest way to customize is to open the menu with the X button. The middle of the screen has listed every store in Splatsville, and players can click on them to warp directly there.


Players can visit these shops to get new appearance options in Splatoon 3:

  • Weapons
  • headgear
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • General

It’s important to remember that these items will cost in-game currency, so we recommend playing around a bit online to level up. Those who do it first should be able to afford what they want later.

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