How to change the display monitor in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade coming to PC is a treat on many levels. Not only is the former PlayStation 4 exclusive an exquisitely designed game, those who enjoyed the 1997 original are enjoying an absurd amount of nostalgia. However, the first boot may cause a problem for gamers with multiple monitors. Namely, why is it on the “wrong” monitor and how do I fix it?

How to change screens in Final Fantasy VII Remake

In a disconcerting move, Square Enix chose not to put an in-game option to change the primary monitor. Fortunately, Windows offers a quick and easy solution. By pressing Shift + Windows key + left or right, players can move the Final Fantasy VII Remake window between monitors. This will also work for any selected app or game!

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It’s a small issue, but one that will annoy anyone who prefers to play their games on a particular monitor. Typically, issues like this can be fixed within a game’s menus, but Square Enix has decided that players don’t need this quality of life option. Never mind.

With the right set of monitors, players can immerse themselves back into the magical world of Midgar and its unforgettable cast of characters. Newcomers to the series are definitely going to have a blast. Not only is the game one of the best from the previous generation, there’s plenty of ancillary content to enjoy.

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