How to Change Your Banner in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 offers more ways to customize your Inkling or Octoling. You can sport a nifty haircut, wear the latest fashion, decorate your locker, and customize your banner and headline in your Splashtag. This may lead you to wonder how to customize and edit your banner in Splatoon 3.

How to Customize Your Banner in Splatoon 3

To customize and edit your Splashtag:

  • Head to the multiplayer lobby.
  • Once there, interact with the terminal.
  • Select the Edit Splashtag option. This will allow you to customize and modify your banner and title.

When choosing your title, you can mix and match two words, so create unique tags for yourself.


As you play and progress, you’ll unlock more options to edit your Splashtag, including new banners and titles. You can earn banners from QR codes, Salmon Run, etc. Keep playing and you’ll unlock awesome banners to display on your Splashtag.

Be sure to check other players’ banners while playing to see cool banners. If you keep playing, there’s a good chance you’ll unlock their banners as well. So get out there and bust your heart out.

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