How to Choose the Best Nature for a Pokemon

How to Choose the Best Nature for a Pokemon

Pokémon Natures are more than just personality traits for a player’s Pokémon. Natures will increase one stat of the Pokemon by 10% while decreasing another stat by the same amount. These can apply to every stat of the Pokémon except for HP, which has no corresponding Nature that increases or decreases it. Natures are normally random, but there are ways to manipulate them so players get the one they’re looking for. Here’s how to choose the best Nature for a Pokémon.

How to Choose the Best Nature for Any Pokemon

When considering a Pokemon’s nature, players should first think about what they want that specific Pokemon to be strong. Each Pokémon has different base stats, and some Pokémon have much stronger base stats than others. For example, Charizard’s highest stat is its special attack with a much lower attack stat. Charizard has access to both physical and special moves, but with a higher special attack, players would be in a better position to go for a nature that increases this stat. Alternatively, players can opt for a nature that increases one of Charizard’s other stats while being careful not to lower the stat used by Charizard.

For reference, Charizard’s base stats are:

  • HP – 78
  • Attack – 84
  • Defense – 78
  • Special Attack – 109
  • Special Defense – 85
  • Speed ​​– 100

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Pokémon’s Nature

When looking at a Pokemon’s base stats, players can consider their moveset and the overall role they want to play in battle. For Charizard, players can choose to make Charizard defensive or offensive, opting for a nature that boosts his defensive or offensive stats without sacrificing any of those stats. Bold nature will increase Defense while decreasing Attack, a stat Charizard doesn’t use much. Modest Nature will increase Special Attack while decreasing Attack, giving Charizard more damage for its powerful Special Moves. The same can be done with Speed ​​instead, opting for Timid Nature instead.

Applying this logic to other Pokemon can be tricky when a Pokemon has similar Attack and Special Attack stats. Looking at Infernape, a Pokemon with equal Attack and Special Attack, players have a few choices. If players want both physical and special moves without lowering their Pokemon’s speed, that’s when natures that lower the defense or special defense stat should be considered. This means that the Pokemon will be fragile, but some Pokemon have low defenses anyway and won’t miss that 10%. Alternatively, players can instead choose a neutral nature so that no stats are increased or decreased.

Steps to Choose the Right Nature for Pokémon

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  • Look at the Pokemon’s basic stats – Looking at what a Pokemon is best and worst will make choosing a nature much easier.
  • Determine Which Role the Pokémon Fills – In a team, some Pokémon are better suited to be offensive or tanky, but it’s ultimately up to the player to decide what role they want their Pokémon to fill.
  • Determine Which Stat the Player Wants to Increase – Some players will want their Pokemon’s strengths to be even stronger, while other players may want to focus on covering their Pokemon’s weaker defensive stat.
  • Determine Which Stat the Player Wants to Lower – Players should have their Pokemon’s moveset and base stats in mind to determine which stat is needed the least.
  • Choose Nature – Players then simply choose the stat that suits their needs and are all set from there.

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The 12 Best Pokemon Natures

There are 25 natures in Pokémon, five of which are neutral natures that are all exactly the same. Neutral natures are fantastic on their own, as many Pokemon don’t want their stats reduced. With so many Pokemon having different base stats, movesets, and abilities, it can be difficult to decide which Nature players want their Pokemon to have. There are a few natures that are considered the best, or at the very least, the most common when playing the game.

  • Inflexible – Attack increase, Special Attack decrease. This is one of the best natures for Pokemon using physical attacks.
  • Brave – Attack increase, speed decrease. This nature is best suited for Pokémon that are already slow, take advantage of Trick Room, or just don’t want to lose Special Attack.
  • Bold – Defense increased, Attack decreased. This is one of the best Natures for Special Attack Pokémon and Support Pokémon in general.
  • Relaxed – Defense increased, speed reduced. Many defensive Pokémon are already slow, and the reduced speed could potentially work in their favor on a Distortion team.
  • Mischievous – Increased Defense, decreased Special Attack. This nature is perfect for physical attackers as well as support Pokemon that need more bulk.
  • Timid – Increased speed, decreased attack. This nature is most used on sweeper Pokémon, using their high special attack and speed to do a lot of damage while moving first in battle.
  • Jolly – Speed ​​increase, Special Attack decrease. A nature more commonly used on sweeper Pokemon that use physical moves that want to move first in battle.
  • Silent – ​​Special Attack increased, Speed ​​decreased. This nature makes many Pokemon good in Trick Room, using their high special attack and already low speed to their advantage to move first and do a lot of damage.
  • Modest – Special Attack increase, Attack decrease. Special attackers can take advantage of this nature as the reduced attack won’t matter with a special-only moveset.
  • Sassy – Special Defense increased, Speed ​​decreased. Perfect for Trick Room teams, this nature is useful for giving supportive or weaker Pokemon a bit more survivability.
  • Calm – Special Defense increased, Attack decreased. This Nature works best for Special Attacking or Supporting Pokémon.
  • Attention – Special Defense increased, Special Attack decreased. Physical attackers and support Pokemon can take advantage of this nature, giving them extra bulk.

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