How to complete a bounty in Fortnite: all current bounty board locations

How to complete a bounty in Fortnite

Since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, Bounty Boards are everywhere on the island. These provide a method of earning gold bars quickly by giving players a target opponent to eliminate and rewarding them if they do so within the time limit. However, the locations of these bounty tables seem to change each season, leaving players to find their new locations. In the map and guide below, we list all of the current Bounty Board locations, so you know exactly where to look, no matter where you land!

Right now we are in Chapter 2 of Fortnite Season 8. Here is the current map and list of each Bounty Board location.

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  • At the boathouse off the peninsula southwest of Lockie Lighthouse.
  • At the west end of Stealthy Stronghold.
  • At FN Radio, east of Craggy Cliffs.
  • At the base of the Electric Tower south of Steamy Stacks.
  • On The Orchard farm, north of Corny Crops.
  • On the northern edge of Risky Reels, west of Corny Crops.
  • In the northwest corner of Boney Burbs.
  • In the garage of one of the buildings in Believer Beach.
  • Inside the house at Fancy View, west of Believer Beach.
  • In the house in the northwest corner of Weeping Woods.
  • At Dusted Depot, west of The Aftermath.
  • On the side of the road, west of Retail Row and northeast of Lazy Lake.
  • In the boathouse at the southern edge of Dirty Docks.
  • At the intersection in Sludgy Swamp.
  • At the west end of Hydro 16.
  • On the north side of Catty Corner.
  • Near the lake at the northern edge of Misty Meadows.
  • Near the large building at the east end of Camp Cod.This covers all current bounty board locations in Fortnite! Be sure to check for changes each season.

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