How to Complete Cooperative Push Challenges in Tower of Fantasy

How to Complete Cooperative Push Challenges in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy offers plenty of activities to enjoy on your journey through Aida. You are free to explore and find breathtaking views, fight dangerous enemies or solve puzzles. One puzzle you will come across is the Co-operative Thrust Challenges. This may have you wondering how to complete co-op push challenges.

To complete Co-operative Thrust challenges and collect your reward, you’ll want to play with at least one other person. Have one player push on one of the protruding pieces while the other pushes on the second. You have a small window between pushing the first and the second, so it is not necessary to push both at the same time.

How to solve co-op push challenges yourself in Tower of Fantasy

If you’re playing solo, you can still complete co-op push challenges without another player. But you will need to have quick reflexes to do so. You have to push one coin and as soon as it starts to fit, rush to the other one and push it as well. If you did it fast enough, the barrier will fall and let you get the chest.

It may take a few tries to cut the time, but with enough determination and practice, you can crack this puzzle on your own. If you’re having trouble, you can lure an enemy in and push the other piece out of them, but that can be more frustrating than trying to do it yourself. This technique also works on cooperative weight challenges.

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