How to Complete Friends Are Not Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley tries to maintain the integrity of its characters, even though they are now all together in one big village. Scar, for example, continues to manipulate others and lie to get what he wants, as you can see in his first friendship quest, Friends Are Not Food. Here’s how you complete it.

Friends Are Not Food Quest Guide For Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start the quest, you will need to have reached friendship level two with Scar and have at least invited Remy back to your village. The quest begins by talking to Scar, who appears to be in a bad mood. He won’t tell you why though. He thinks you need more formal attire to be able to talk to him. He will send you to see Mother Gothel. While his suggestion to turn Scar into a garment is tempting, you’ll need to gather these items instead:

  • Ten fibers
  • Four fabrics
  • two citrines
  • An ingot to make


Bring them all back to Mother Gothel who will make you the brown faux fur jacket. You’ll have to put it on and show it to Scar, who will finally tell you what’s bothering him. He is hungry. You suggest Remy might cook something for him (although Scar would eat Remy instead, apparently.) Go to Remy, who suggests some good sushi dishes to feed Scar. You will receive Remy’s recipes if you don’t already have them. You can read them from your inventory. Then go prepare two of each dish:

  • Sake Maki: made with rice, seaweed and salmon
  • Tekka Maki: made with tuna, soy, seaweed and rice

Take the dishes back to Remy for a final check. Then you will follow Remy to bring the fish back to Scar. He’s always picky, but the fish is pretty good. Speak to Scar one last time to complete the quest.

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