How to Complete the Energy Extraction Device Challenge West of Port Ormos in Genshin Impact

To the west of Port Ormos you will find an enemy encampment with an energy extraction device that can be diffused using control keys. Reference the image below to find the exact location of the challenge. Since the area is swarming with enemy Eremites, be sure to bring a battle-ready team.

Once there, you’ll find a mechanism called an Energy Extraction Device. Your goal is to find the other two keys to disable the device.

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In this part, you must find the two missing control keys in order to stop the energy extraction device.


Location of the first control key

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Assuming the Energy Extraction Device is in front of you, turn left and climb the wall. Turn left again to find a broken path leading to the lower floor, where you’ll immediately spot the first control key. Approach the control key to get it. Some enemy Hermits will spawn – defeat them to open an exit route.

Location of the second control key

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Climb the ladder behind the energy extraction device, then turn left to find the broken part of the building. Enter the room to claim the second control key. Some enemy Hermits will spawn – defeat them and return to the device’s location.

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Interact with the Energy Extraction Device to start the next phase of the challenge. In this segment, you must stand next to the mechanism until the purple gauge fills up. However, enemy interrupts will force the gauge to stop moving, so you need to defeat any Hermits that get in your way. When there are no enemies, be sure to stand next to the device, as the gauge will not fill up if you are too far away. Once the gauge is full, the challenge will be completed and you will be rewarded with an exquisite chest.

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