How to Complete the Hunky Honeypot Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Hunky Honeypot Challenge, players will need to complete the following main objectives:

  • Be a man with 100% looks
  • Join a mafia family
  • Become an informant
  • Meeting with the head of the family
  • Bring the family to justice

Completing BitLife’s Hunky Honeypot Challenge is easy once you know how to complete each challenge objective. Start by creating a male character from any country, then follow the steps below.

How to be a man with 100% Looks in BitLife

Start by creating your character, choose male as gender and select any country. On startup, make sure your character has a 100% Look setting. Otherwise, keep re-rolling until you find such a life. You will get such life within 5-6 rolls.

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How to Join a Mafia Family in BitLife

To join a mafia in BitLife, you must first have the Mafia Job pack. After that, indulge in criminal activities throughout your school term. Start by committing petty crimes like pickpocketing or porch hijacking and progress to heinous crimes like GTA or robbing banks. By the time you turn 18, you should have a criminal record. Open the special careers section and join an organized crime syndicate.

How to become an informant in BitLife

After spending time in the syndicate, you can become an informant. Look for the Confidential Informant position in the special careers section. After becoming an informant, you can no longer perform criminal activities. Otherwise, your informant status will be revoked.

How to Meet the Head of Your Mafia Family in BitLife

This is a bit of a difficult task compared to the rest of the challenge objectives. Flirt with the head of your family, give him gifts and always chat with him. In time, you will for once be able to meet the head of the family. Make sure you’re not doing anything bad or rude to turn them off.

How to Bring Your Mafia Family to Justice in BitLife

Once you become an informant, you need to start collecting evidence against all of your gang members. To do this, click on your fellow gangster in the relationship tab and choose the notepad pencil icon. You will now start collecting evidence against this particular member. The evidence meter tab will gradually fill up over the years and lead to the arrest of one or more crew members.

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