How to Complete the Ultimate Bully Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Ultimate Bully Challenge, players will need to complete the following main objectives:

  • Mess with 10+ classmates
  • Mischief more than 10 times
  • Prank 5+ different colleagues
  • Murder someone via Atomic Wedge

Completing BitLife’s Ultimate Bully challenge is easy once you know how to complete each challenge objective. Start by creating the character of your choice, then follow the steps below.

How to play with more than 10 classmates in BitLife?

To play with your classmates, you should be at school. Start a normal life and you will start going to primary school at the age of six. Now choose ten classmates of your choice and use the “mess” option on them.

School > School Type > Class > Classmates > Activities > Mess.

Being a general challenge, you can also complete the goal at any time during your school or college life.


How to be mischievous in BitLife?

You can perform malicious activities at any time in your life. It is best to complete the task during your school phase itself. Use the Mischief option in the Activities section ten times to complete the challenge’s second objective.

Activities > Crime > Mischief > Choose an option.

How to prank more than 5 colleagues in BitLife?

To prank your colleagues in BitLife, you must be employed in a company. Once you have completed high school or college, search for a suitable job of your choice. After joining the job, use the prank option in the Activities section on five different employees to complete the goal.

Job > Your company > Colleague > Activities > Joke.

How to murder someone via Atomic Wedge in BitLife?

The final and ultimate task of the Ultimate Bully challenge is to assassinate someone using the Atomic Wedge method. You can choose anyone to assassinate – a family member, classmates or your colleagues. After choosing your victim, head to the crime section and select the murder option. From the drop-down list, select Atomic Wedge as the kill method. If you can’t find the Atomic Wedge option in the list, choose another victim or age up and check the list again.