How to defeat Hassel of the Elite Four in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple

Hassel uses Dragon-type Pokémon during the Champion Rating Battle and is the final member of the Elite Four in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple. This makes Pokémon Steel, Fairy, and Ice valuable counters for combat as both offensive and defensive options. Hassel’s strongest Pokemon is level 61 and it is recommended to upgrade your own team to the same level or above. That’s all players need to know about Hassel’s Elite Four Battle in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple.

How to Beat Elite Four Hassel in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple

Hassel’s Elite Four team features five Dragon-type Pokémon. Much like Larry’s Elite Four battle, Hassel’s team is built around offense and hitting hard. Using Steel or Fairy Pokemon is a good way to deal damage while not taking a lot of damage from Hassel’s team. The Steel resists the Dragon’s movements while the Fairy is immune to them. The team is made up of:

  • Level 60 Noivern – Flying/Dragon, weak to Rock, Ice, Dragon and Fairy with Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Hyper Voice and Super Fang.
  • Level 60 Haxorus – Pure Dragon, weak to Ice, Fairy and Dragon with Dragon Claw, Crack, Iron Head and Rocky Grave.
  • Level 60 Flapple – Grass/Dragon, weak to Ice, Dragon, Bug, Poison, Fairy and Flying with Dragon Rush, Seed Bomb, Aerial Ace and Leech Seed.
  • Level 60 Dragalge – Poison/Dragon, weak to Psychic, Ground, Ice and Dragon with Dragon Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt and Hydro Pump.
  • Level 61 Baxcalibur – Dragon/Ice, weak to Fighting, Steel, Rock, Fairy and Dragon with Icicle Crash, Glaive Rush and Brick Break.

Noivern is very fragile but he has a high speed and special attack stat, which allows him to move first to deal a lot of damage. Priority moves like Ice Shard will deal a lot of damage to him and, under the right circumstances, might be enough to take him out completely. His Super Fang will ignore defenses and always halve the target’s HP and his Dragon Pulse can deal a lot of damage to anything that doesn’t resist the Dragon.

Haxorus is one of the biggest threats but has lower Special Defense than Defense. He has all physical moves, which makes Kingambit a powerful counter-power as he resists all of his moves. Dragalge also has a low Defense, which makes most Pokemon with a high Attack stat preferable for taking it out. It has all the special moves, which makes high special defense Pokemon like Bronzong or Espeon good options to pull it off. Both Pokémon can also learn Psyshock, dealing damage to Dragalge’s Defense.

Flapple is the weakest of Hassel’s team and is quite fragile. With four times the weakness of ice, a shard of ice may be enough to take him down. Kingambit works extremely well as a counter for Flapple, but the same cannot be said for Baxcalibur. Tinkaton does well against Baxcalibur as Baxcalibur will always terastalize in the first round. Fairy types are Baxcalibur’s biggest counter and he will only be able to hit them with Icicle Crash for damage.

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