How to do a side pass in Madden 23

Lateral passes are fairly rare in the NFL, but are sometimes used in match-fixing plays, optional runs, or last-second plays. In Madden 23, you can perform a side pass from almost anywhere as the ball carrier, as long as you have a teammate behind you. If you want to throw a side pass or throw the ball, here’s how:

  • PlayStation: Press L1
  • Xbox: Press LB
  • PC: Press Alt

By pressing the side pass button, the ball carrier will attempt to throw the ball to the closest teammate behind them. If there is no teammate behind them, they will execute a fake throw. Be very careful using the side pass, as your player may end up throwing the ball 20 yards towards a lineman, or fumbling for a try.


There are only a few games in some playbooks that have designed terrain. Power Option, Triple Option, and Speed ​​Option are runs that can use the height move. Very few playbooks include these plays, but they can be found in playbooks with mobile QBs like the Ravens.

The side pass can also be used on kick returns or punt returns, especially on plays where you need a touchdown at the last second. It’s still a very risky move that can backfire quickly, but if there’s no other hope, it’s a perfect last-ditch effort before being tackled.

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