How to Download Harvestella Demo on Nintendo Switch

Harvestella is Square Enix’s combination farming simulator and RPG, coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on November 4, 2022. Square Enix released a demo ahead of its Nintendo Switch release, allowing players to try out the game early. This may lead you to wonder how to download and play the demo and if the Harvestella demo progress continues.

Where to download the Harvestella demo on Nintendo Switch

You can download the Harvestella demo on Nintendo Switch by going to the Eshop. Once there, search for Harvestella and select the game when it appears. Click the Download Demo button and the demo will automatically start downloading to your Nintendo Switch. You can also download the demo through the official Square Enix website.


Does the demo save data transfer to the full Harvestella game?

The progress you make in the Harvestella demo will carry over to the full version of Harvestella. It’s the perfect way to try Harvestella for yourself before deciding to buy it on release day. Moreover, you can get a head start and enjoy the delicious experience that this farming RPG offers.

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