How to Drive Five Vehicle Types in Violence and Timing – MW2 Campaign Guide

While playing the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign, you can challenge yourself to get multiple achievements or trophies by completing various challenges throughout the story. One of these in-game achievements, Test Drive, can be completed in the Violence and Timing mission where you are involved in a rescue mission against an Al-Qatala convoy deploying mines, drones, and rockets.

MW2 Test Drive Trophy/Pass Guide

The Test Drive trophy requires you to drive five types of vehicles in the Violence and Timing chapter. After a rocket hits Nikolai’s helicopter, the impact throws Gaz and leaves him hanging upside down on the highway. Soon, Nikolai positions the helicopter above a cargo truck that Sergeant Garrick can fall on. It’s the first vehicle you can hijack and drive. You can commandeer the truck by approaching the driver’s seat from above and pressing the interact button.


Right after that, lean out the window and take out the enemies in the pickup right next to you. Now get on the roof of your truck and carefully jump on the pickup, which will be your second type of vehicle during this mission in Modern Warfare 2. Keep changing vehicles like this while making sure it’s safe. This is a completely different type of vehicle than any you’ve driven before.

You can see in the images above that the third and fourth vehicle types we boarded were an open-back truck and an APC, respectively. For the fifth and final vehicle required to complete the Test Drive achievement, you must acquire a civilian vehicle. You will find several cars and vans parked on the side of the road for you to drive around. However, you can die trying to jump on them while moving. We recommend stopping your vehicle and then picking up one of the parked cars.

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