How to Evolve Flames of Misspell into Ashes of Musspell in Vampire Survivors

If you want to evolve Flames of Misspell into Ashes of Musspell in Vampire Survivors, you need to get an item called Torrona’s Box. To get the Torrona box, you need to hold more than six different weapon evolutions at once. After unlocking Torrona’s box, you then need to level it to max level so you can use it to evolve Flames of Misspell into Ashes of Musspell. However, you can only use Torrona’s Box if Flames of Misspell is also at max level. For this reason, we recommend leveling up both items so you can use them both to craft Ashes of Musspell.

What is Ashes of Musspell in Vampire Survivors?

Ashes of Musspell is an upgraded version of Flames of Misspell and offers bonuses like increased area of ​​effect and longer duration. Ashes of Musspell also includes a faster cooldown and higher damage stat.


How to get Flames of Misspell in Vampire Survivors

If you want to get Flames of Misspell, you need to unlock the Avatar Infernas character. You can unlock Avatar Infernas by unlocking Inverse Mode and obtaining the item called Gracia’s Mirror. To get Gracia’s mirror, you need to unlock the Eudaimonia machine level. Inside the Eudaimonia machine, you need to talk to a strange entity. Talking to the strange entity will give you two options: too difficult and too easy. Choosing the Too Easy option will unlock Gracia’s mirror.

Unlocking Gracia’s Mirror will unlock Reverse Mode, which you need to enable at Inlaid Library. But before heading to the inlaid library, unlock the Peachone and Ebony wing weapons first. That said, here’s how to get both of these weapons:

  • How to unlock Peachone: You can unlock Peachone after surviving for 10 minutes with any character.
  • How to Unlock Ebony Wings: You can unlock Ebony Wings by upgrading Peachone to level seven.

Once you have both weapons, head to the inlay library and activate reverse mode. When Inverse Mode is active, head east until you find a purple Reaper. Killing the Purple Reaper and solving a piano puzzle using Peachone and Ebony Wings will unlock another area. In the next area, you need to find nine coffins spread across the level. Finding all nine coffins will unlock the character, Avatar Infernas, which you can use to obtain Flames of Misspell at the start of the game.

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