How to farm Hero’s Wit in Genshin Impact

How to farm Hero's Wit in Genshin Impact

Part of Genshin Impact’s gameplay involves collecting and crafting characters using various resources, including higher-level materials. Although characters can get EXP from defeating enemies, the amount is miniscule, so you’ll find that higher level materials are absolutely necessary to create characters in a reasonable amount of time.

There are three types of level-up materials: Wanderer’s Advice, Adventurer’s Experience, and Hero’s Wit. Of the three, the third is the most useful as it provides 20,000 EXP characters. That said, read on to find out how to farm Hero’s Wit in Genshin Impact.

Best Ways to Farm Hero’s Wit in Genshin Impact

kingdom deposit

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Head to the Serenitea Pot and talk to Tubby to access the Realm Depot, where you can purchase 20 Hero’s Wits for 120 Realm Currency each. Their stock refreshes weekly, so remember to make the purchase before the server resets on Monday. You need 2,400 realm currency to buy all 20 hero spirits per week. Meanwhile, kingdom currencies can be farmed by increasing your Serenitea Pot trust rank and emptying the pot of riches every few days.