How to Fix Escape From Tarkov Gateway Timed Out Error

Multiplayer tactical FPS Escape From Tarkov has proven to be a big hit on PC. It takes elements of survival games and MMOs, blending them with frenetic first-person shooter action to create a hardcore gamer’s dream ticket. When you can log in, ie. Players have been reporting issues connecting to the game. So whether you’re a pro or a newbie, below is help on how to fix Escape From Tarkov gateway timeout errors.

What does Bad Gateway mean in Escape From Tarkov?

Bad gateway errors are a common problem with online games. This basically means that there is a connection error between you and the game servers. And if a lot of players are having the same problem, chances are the error is on the other end, with the Battlestate Games servers. . You will notice that this problem usually occurs after a patch, meaning either the patch ran into problems and needs a fix; or that too many players are trying to connect at the same time to enjoy new content. However, if you think the error may be on your side, try the following:


  • Restart the game: It seems obvious, but completely closing the game and restarting it can solve this type of problem.
  • Restart your PC and router: Shut down your PC completely, then turn off your internet router at the wall. Leave it off for 30 seconds and then restart your router. Leave this for about a minute and then restart your PC.
  • Check your Wi-Fi: If a PC restart doesn’t work, make sure you’re getting internet on your PC by doing something as simple as using an internet browser or another online game. If nothing works, try plugging in a wired connection to your PC directly from the router.
  • Turn on the kettle: If it’s definitely not the internet at your end, your best bet is to keep an eye on Twitter and wait, as it’s likely a server-side issue. However, if you think that’s not the case or you don’t want to do a final check, all you have to do is completely reinstall the game.

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