How to Fix Roblox Error Code 280

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a little free time to relax, load up your favorite game, only to find that Roblox isn’t working. This can happen with Roblox, preventing you from playing at all. One error code you might get when trying Roblox is 280. So if this happens to you, here’s how to fix Roblox error code 280 so you can get back to playing the game.

What is the Roblox error code 280 error?

Error code 280 is related to the version of Roblox you currently have installed. If you get error code 280 while trying to load a Roblox game, it means that the version you have is not the current version and your device is not currently able to update to the version current. This can also appear if your network settings are configured to prevent Roblox from updating. Finally, on the Roblox side, the error can indicate if there are server issues with the game. You can find a list of fixes below.


  • Check if Roblox is down: Go to the official Roblox Status website to see if any of the systems you are trying to access are listed as down. If everything is listed as working, keep reading. If it’s down, you’ll just have to keep an eye on things until Roblox is back.
  • Check for updates: Opening your Roblox app should automatically check for updates. If some are pending, allowing those updates will usually fix a 280 error.
  • Check Time and Date (PC): Your computer’s time may need to be set correctly to match the Roblox servers. Go to Settings and choose the option related to time and date. Choose your current time zone from those available and save, then restart Roblox. If that was the problem, Roblox will now be able to sync, which means you should no longer get Roblox error 280.
  • Force Quit Roblox (mobile): Open Settings on your mobile device. Find Apps-Roblox, click Force Stop, then OK, to make sure it’s not running in the background. Now open Storage on your device and choose Clear cache and data.
  • Reinstall Roblox: If none of the solutions above solve your problems, it’s time to reinstall Roblox. On PC, you’ll need to go to Add or Remove Programs, find Roblox in the apps list, and uninstall. Once done, restart your PC and reinstall Roblox from the official site. Restart your device, then restart Roblox.

If these methods do not resolve your Roblox error 280, it is likely that the system is down, but this is not yet widely reported. Hopefully with a little patience it will be up and running again.

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