How to get 60 FPS in Sonic Frontiers

High-speed games like Sonic Frontiers always look better with a higher framerate. After all, you don’t want a choppy display to ruin your experience of this otherwise amazing game. Here’s how you can get 60 FPS in Sonic Frontiers.

Before answering this question, know that 60 FPS is only available on three platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. If you play it on the Nintendo Switch or later generation consoles like the PS4, 60 FPS is not supported.

How to enable 60 FPS in Sonic Frontiers

To enable 60 FPS, go to Options > Graphics. Scroll down to Graphics Quality and switch to 60 fps mode. The game will run at 1080p to compensate for the performance boost, but framerate is far more valuable in any Sonic game. You don’t need 4K to appreciate the beauty of the islands.

High-end PC users also have the option of using Cheat Engine to delimit their frame rate. It is not yet known if an in-game option to do so will be available in the future.


The Graphics option has a few other things you might want to toggle to improve your Sonic Frontiers experience:

  • Speedometer display: On
  • Blur Effect: Off

While it won’t work for everyone, the speedometer arguably helped us control Sonic’s movements more precisely. Turn off the blur effect if the amplification starts to give you motion sickness.

There are also speed sliders in the Options > Game Settings menu that you can adjust to suit your personal preferences. If you’re impatient like the blue blur, you can set them to max and watch it run at Mach 1.

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