How to get Ayagems fast in Roblox Venture Tale

Venture Tale challenges players to become the best adventurer of all by traversing dungeons, defeating waves of enemies and taking down some of the most powerful bosses, alone or with friends. To succeed in this adventure (pun intended), players must find the class that suits them best and unlock it as soon as possible so that they have enough time to upgrade its corresponding weapons. So how do you unlock courses? With Ayagems! And how to earn Ayagems? Keep reading below to find out!

Best Ways To Earn Ayagems Fast

Buy them with Robux

In a shock to no one, the fastest and easiest way to get a large amount of Ayagems is to buy them with Robux. Opening the experience store menu and clicking on the Ayagems tab will display the full list of all Ayagem packs and how much Robux each pack costs. One hundred Ayagems can be purchased for 20 Robux, 500 Ayagems for 95 Robux, 1,500 Ayagems for 280 Robux, etc.

Roblox Premium subscribers will also receive a small increase in bonus Ayagems when purchasing any of these packs.

Redeem Codes

Like most Roblox experiences, Venture Tale features tons of in-game codes that players can redeem for a host of free prizes, including Ayagems. To stay up to date on these codes, be sure to check our Venture Tale codes list regularly! If we’re ever behind on codes, the best places to find them are on the official Venture Tale Twitter account or the official Venture Tale Discord server.


Complete Daily Quests

Each day a player logs into Venture Tale, they have a handful of daily quests to complete. These quests can vary in difficulty, but they are generally quite simple and easy to understand. Each comes with a brief description that summarizes what the player must do to complete it. Also in this description is the list of rewards that players can unlock by completing it. Most of the time, a small amount of Ayagems will be included in this list.

Level your weapons to the max

This method is last on our list because, although it rewards Ayagems, it is definitely the one that takes the most time to complete. If you complete a dungeon/kill a boss with a max level weapon, you will receive a handful of bonus Ayagems at the end of your run for it. If you’re willing to put in the time for the grind, this method isn’t bad to check out!

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