How to Get Glass Shard Ingredient in Wacky Wizards – Roblox

Be careful, the hidden ingredient this week is sharp! If you want to know how to unlock the ingredient Glass Shard and all the potions that come with it, jump into Wacky Wizards and follow our brief guide below. Or, if you’re looking for even more Wacky Wizards recipes, check out our complete and up-to-date potions list.

How to Unlock Glass Shard Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

When spawning in Wacky Wizards, head to the large cliff where the Potion Cannon is. If you find yourself flipped, remember where we found the spider ingredient – ​​the potion cannon cliff is above the spider cave.

As you approach the potion cannon on this cliff, you’ll notice a large sign next to it.


Walk behind this sign to find the hidden Glass Shard ingredient!

To add the Glass Shard to your collection, simply click on it, teleport to your cauldron, dump the ingredient inside, and press the Spawn button to begin brewing. After only a few seconds, the glass potion should appear.

List of shard glass potions

The list below shows all currently known glass shard potions.

628 Glass Glass shard Become Glass
629 Glass Noodle Arm Shard of Glass + Pool Noodle Get Glass Noodle Arms
630 Molotov Shard of Glass + Dynamite Throw a Molotov!
631 Window Shard of Glass + You Become a window
632 Glass-paint-gun Shard of Glass + Brush painting things in glass

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