How to get Guardian Shield in Fortnite

The Guardian Shield is a new rare utility item introduced in Fortnite Chapter Four: Season One that was designed with The Ageless’ aesthetic in mind. Its functionality is very similar to that of Reinhardt’s Barrier Field from the popular game Overwatch. This means it can be used to shield the wearer and their allies from incoming attacks, making it essential gear for anyone who values ​​their safety and survival. Whether you’re a fan of The Ageless or just looking for a handy way to protect yourself, the Guardian Shield is definitely worth considering.

How the Guardian Shield works in Fortnite


By pressing the primary fire button, users can activate the rectangular barrier to block up to 1000 damage. The shield starts with 2000% energy, which decreases by one point per second, but the weapon damage is halved when it hits the shield. When the shield is not active, it takes five seconds to start regenerating the lost shield. If the shield’s energy is completely depleted, it will take ten seconds to fully regenerate.

In addition to serving as a protective barrier, the Guardian Shield can also be thrown away as a wearable blanket. When used in this way, the shield has 50 energy which decreases by one every second before being deactivated. The best part? The Guardian Shield is available to any user at any time, making it a useful tool for players looking to gain an edge in combat.

Where to get Guardian Shield in Fortnite

You can find the Guardian Shield either in a chest, as floor loot, or even inside Oathbound chests. It’s a rare item to find, so you might be searching for quite a while before you finally come across the Guardian Shield.

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