How to get Illusion Bamboo Island Soul in Lost Ark

While the roughly 1,000 players in Mokoko Seeds can collect in Lost Ark to get most of the headlines, the 100 available Island Souls are just as fun and challenging to collect. Most small islands dotted around the seas have one, and the rewards are just as good, from secret maps to equally collectible masterpieces. Here we will explain how to get the Illusion Soul Bamboo Island in Lost Ark.

Where is the soul of the bamboo island of the lost ark illusion?

This is one of the most difficult island souls to collect. First of all, Illusion Bamboo Island is in a level four mermaid sea south of Yorn, so it’s not easy to get to. Once there, you’ll need to complete the purple End of Trials questline, which begins with a crumpled note you’ll find on the floor where you first disembark from your ship. Once completed, you will open Zinnervale, Shandi’s Student, as the Report NPC on the island. Once you successfully upgrade your rapport level with Zinnervale to Trusted, he will reward you with the Bamboo Island Soul Illusion.


Note that the recommended item level is 1,100 for Illusion Bamboo Island. This is quest-based, not island mobs, as there are some really tricky battles along the quest chain. In terms of report, Zinnervale wants to hear the Song of Valor (250 Report) and see the Encourage (250) and Umarka (300) emotes. Plus accept any Rapport freebies you may have.

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