How to get Lopang Island soul in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has its fair share of endgame content, like group raids and massive boss fights. But there are also some for those who like to move at a more relaxed pace. You’ll be hard pressed to find an MMORPG with more collectibles. And island souls are some of the most sought after, thanks to some great unique rewards including compass upgrades and ship skins. Below we will explain how to get the soul of Lopang Island in Lost Ark.

Where is the soul of the island Lost Ark Lopang?

When you first arrive at Lopang Island, head north along the path to Main Manager Jasni and accept his first quest. Her quests will have you racing all around the island, but after completing The Wind at Your Back (the third quest on the island), you’ll open Una’s Special Delivery Tasks on Lopang Island. These are six similar quests, requiring you to pick up a package from Lopang Island at one of six ports. Complete the same Una task six times and you’ll unlock a new quest on the island, An Important Character. Complete this and you will receive the Soul of Lopang Island.


It’s important to note that you don’t have to visit the same location six times in a row, and it doesn’t matter which continent you choose. Also, all the quests you do here are simple pickups and deliveries with no danger or combat. This means they are easy to do on an alt. Each of these quests from Una rewards you with around 20,000 coins each time, which is great if you’re low on cash.

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