How to get resistance is futile! Sumeru achievement in Genshin Impact

Resistance is futile! is a Genshin Impact Challenger: Series VI Achievement that can be obtained by defeating an Aeonblight Drake that has increased resistance to at least two different elements. To unlock it, you need to challenge the Drake Aeonblight in his cave under Devantaka Mountain.

How to defeat an Aeonblight Drake that has increased resistance to two different elements in Genshin Impact

Start by heading to the Aeonblight Drake Cave in the depths of Devantaka Mountain. You have to challenge the boss and wait for it to gain increased resistance against two different elements, which happens after you unleash a specific skill in combat. It’s important to watch your screen throughout the battle and make sure you don’t kill the boss too quickly, as it takes a while for the buffs to kick in.


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One of the Aeonblight Drake’s skills is to attack you with a plethora of energy balls, which it can do both on the ground and in flight. He will usually start by flapping his wings and charging a giant bullet to his head before unleashing a shower of attacks. Once this skill is completed, its resistance to an element will increase.

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You’ll be notified of the boss’s increased elemental resistance on-screen, so be sure to pay attention. You must keep the boss alive until it has acquired resistance against two elements. Once done, defeat the Aeonblight Drake to get the Challenger: Series VI Achievement called Resistance is Futile!

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