How to Get Rings Fast in Sonic Frontiers

As in any other Sonic game, any player who wants to beat Sonic Frontiers will need several rings. They keep you alive, support Super Sonic, and you enter a powerful new form when you have max rings. There are a few simple tricks to picking up more rings and staying in Sonic’s most powerful form.

Earn more rings in Sonic Frontiers

The quick and dirty way to earn a ton of rings in Sonic Frontiers is to abuse the Psy-loop power. Absolutely every time you hold down the button and make a circle, the game will throw rings at you. The minimum payout is three, but the maximum is closer to fifty. The average is about ten to twenty for each use. You don’t even have to pick them up, they automatically drift to Sonic.


Run around the open world using the Psy-loop in open spaces. Once you have achieved a substantial gain, use the technique several times. This can take you from 100 rings to 400, the starting maximum, in about a minute at no charge.

Another easy way to accumulate rings is to frequently enter portals and other side activities. Rings strewn across various tracks reappear when you leave the open world. Simply choose a series of bounce pads, light speed dashes, and rails with lots of rings, jump into a nearby cyberspace level, beat it, or exit the start menu and start the track again. It would take a little longer than using the Psy Loop, but it’s still a great way to earn a lot of rings quickly.

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