How to Get Taliesin Tome Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact

Taliesin’s Tome is a Genshin Impact Wonders of the World achievement that you can unlock by obtaining Taliesin’s Gift in The Chasm: Underground Mines. You may recall that The Chasm exploration team includes a distressed bard named Taliesin, who seeks inspiration to create songs. After exploring the depths of the underground mines, the ever-capable traveler may have some interesting stories to tell.

Requirements for Taliesin Tome Hidden Exploration Objective and Achievement in Genshin Impact

The Hidden Achievement is tied to a hidden Exploration Goal that involves telling Taliesin everything you’ve experienced in the underground mines of The Chasm. Before that, you must meet all these prerequisites:

  • World Quests
  • Archon Quest
  • Hidden exploration objective


How to get Taliesin’s Gift in Genshin Impact

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Once you’ve completed the long list of prerequisites above, head to The Glowing Narrows camp and talk to Taliesin. From there, you need to talk to Taliesin several times. There are six dialogue channels in total:

  • Well, if you just need me to tell you stories…
    • Recount your adventures in The Chasm.
      • (1) Talk about darkness and the creatures of the Abyss…
      • (2) Talk about the Azure Crystal you found in the depths of the Chasm.
      • (3) Talk about the fluorescent mushroom in the caves…
    • Talk about people you’ve met and things you’ve seen.
      • (4) Talk about the nine knights of the Black Serpent…
      • (5) Talk about your search for your relative…
      • (6) Talk about the Fatui who encountered a crisis…

Complete all six dialogue paths in any order. Then talk to Taliesin again. He will state that he has become dazed by all your stories and ask you to come back later. You must wait for the next server reset or a real day and return to Taliesin. Talk to him again to get the quest item called Taliesin Manuscript, as well as the Hidden Wonders of the World achievement called Taliesin’s Tome.

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